Best of Google Pixel Phone


Google’s has come with a secret of making its customers’ photo look better. The phone is designed with other amazing features that attracts more customers to buy it rather than going for other phone brands like apple. Google pixel phone comes with a satisfying screen size with a one hand friendly size.

The google pixel phone is still good as google has upgraded its features to meet customers need. The phone takes very high quality photos and it is powered by android pie and camera smarts. The phone comes with a friendly price compared to iPhone XS. The latest pixel 3 phone comes with a large storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB which meets your need for storing photos and files.

Google has launch pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL with another interesting feature as the phone are IP68 water-resistant which makes it possible to last up to 30 minutes in water. The phone uses a dual-lens system for creating portrait photos and uses software for zooming. This makes it different from apple which uses two lens in zooming effect. Its photos will impress you as they appear more-clear than before. Portrait mode blurs the subject background around it making it a super impressive as it better than iPhone XS Max.

Is it taking people away from apple?

Google launched pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL last year which came with impressive features which some made people move from apple to google phone. With this pixel phone, apple no longer remains the best camera phone as google have come with interesting features on its phone like the dual-lens system that creates best portrait photos. This feature dominate customers from using apple which uses two lens for zooming effect. Google has recruited famous photographer that once worked on Apple Company and this made google pixel phone to take people away from apple as the camera of the google pixel came to be the best and comes with a friendly price. Google pixel phone emerge the best in market as their image quality and android user experience makes it to be a tech leader in the smartphone world. People are aware with the growing speed of a pixel phone from the one who one pixel phone.

Pixel’s differentiators

Google has introduce different pixel features in the market. These features include;


Pixel phones support daydream headset that offers you an immersive experience. This enables you to watch video app including YouTube and play VR games inside virtual experience.

Google assistant

This feature is an upgrade from google now voice. It assist you in what is happening on your device. It works on third-party apps like WhatsApp.

Pixel launcher

Each pixel phone comes with a pixel launcher home screen. The home screen has no app drawer button instead you just need to swipe up from the bottom to view all apps in the device. It also contain date, weather and time on top right corner.

Pixel camera

The pixel phone has a 12MP camera that makes it the best camera than in other smartphones. The camera comes with a white balance effect and uses HDR+ by default to enhance maximum range for each shot.

24/7 chat and voice support

Pixel phones allow you full support from google team through chat or voice. The feature is available on setting menu and works effectively.